About Us

We are a group of hackers who wanted to bring the opportunity to compete in hackathons to younger students. By hosting our hackathon virtually, we make it possible for anyone with an internet connection to participate. Hackathons promote creativity, teamwork, learning, and fun. They strike a balance between a social event and a competition. Anyone who competes in a hackathon is sure to come away with a meaningful experiences, new friends, or both.

As high schoolers, we are grateful for the countless opportunities we have to compete in hackathons. However, we noticed that hackathons are rarely, if ever, offered to younger students, which is why we decided to create this hackathon for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students only. We hope to inspire a love for hackathons for students who may not have had the chance to compete in one yet, and we want  and prepare younger students for the experience of high school hackathons. If this is your first hackathon, we're excited to have you here! If you've participated in a few before, we hope you learn something new in ours.

Meet the Team

Sanjana Manikandan


Jia Gill


Tanya Sun

Volunteer Coordinator

Bella Wang

Finance Head

Lillian Wang

Logistics Head